Introducing the Driverless City

How can we use driverless technology to turn our 20th century transportation infrastructure into 21st century human infrastructure? This site is an exploration of the built environment, more than it is about vehicles or digital technology. The dream of self-driving cars is not a new one, but recent advancements in digital processing, global positioning systems, wireless communications, and sensor design have converged to make the dream into a reality. Given the record investment levels in driverless technology in recent years, across both the automotive and tech industries, there can be little doubt about the oncoming mobility revolution. Less certain, however, is what physical shape this revolution will take and how we will live differently.

We must anticipate and harness the potential for positive change, instead of simply asking what changes driverless cars will force upon us. In order to do this, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of transportation engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, sociologists, design researchers, and planning lawyers. What we deliver in the pages that follow are scholarly research, conceptual tools, technical experiments, stakeholder engagements, policy assessments, and visionary proposals that provide the first outlines of the Driverless City.