Designing the Public Conversation

The potential role of driverless cars in the future of cities requires deeper research as well as discussion among experts, key stakeholders and the broader public. There is also a need to co-create, imagine and prototype urban futures that build on socio-cultural factors and respond to the needs of citizens. Our research argues that the driverless car itself can be understood as a valuable participant in this process of working through these possible urban futures but it is certainly not the most important one. Rather, it represents a moment of possible transformation, excitement and interest that we believe we can leverage to make real, positive change in the lives of citizens by designing human-centered cities for the postindustrial economy.

The Driverless City Scenario Builder

The Driverless City Scenario Builder is designed to facilitate exploration, imagination and reflection about human-centered cities. This device allows participants to build scenarios about the future of mobility, urbanism, and social life. Our team used existing tools to quickly and collaboratively generate a variety of scenarios around driverless cars and urban futures. As a result, we decided to begin prototyping our own tool in order to engage stakeholders in the discussion of key issues related to the development of human-centered cities.

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